Young Carers Visit Canada

18th August 2017



10 young carers recently returned from a trip to Canada, supported by PKAVS Young Carers Service, where they stayed at Camp Kahuna, Toronto.

The camp is run by Kids4kids, a Canadian organisation that specialises in leadership skills and anti-bullying training and awareness amongst young people in Canada. Scott Graham is a Canadian trained social worker who runs Kids4Kids - Canada. Scott works on the premise that hardships and experiences we have as youngsters can be used and developed into skills and strengths we can use in the future.

Scott was originally from Tayside, and to promote his 25th year of this work, he came back to his roots to offer his experience and training to local schools in this area. While Scott was here, he was invited to meet with PKAVS Young Carers Service and he then asked to deliver a session to a group of young carers. Young Carers was a completely new notion to Scott and he is very impressed with the work PKAVS are doing and the roles the young carers have.

Outside of time spent at the camp excursions included a bus and boat tour of Niagara Falls and a visit to a Toronto Blue Jays baseball game.

All of the children on the trip were able to come back and share their experiences and knowledge with other young carers!

A parent said,

“PKAVS have excelled themselves again, changing the lives of our children with the most magnificent opportunities and experiences, even if it is a bit scary for us mums and dads!”

A young carer commented,

“I'm really excited about the trip as I will learn more about leadership skills and being one of the older ones gives me a bit of responsibility which is really good as well but overall I just can't wait to get away see new things and have fun with everyone.”


"I'm sooo excited about this once in a lifetime opportunity!”