PKAVS Chairman, Andy Chan, made a Perth Pioneer!

13th March 2017


Andy Chan has been nominated as a Perth Pioneer for his work in promoting inclusiveness, enhancing lives, promoting multicultural events, and connecting communities in Perth and Kinross.

Andy's efforts in fostering integration, community cohesion, and supporting equality of opportunities in accessing public information and services led Andy to get involved with PKAVS setting up a new Hub for minorities in Perth and Kinross.

Andy said, “I was first involved with PKAVS through the setup of the Minority Communities Hub … being born in Perth I was already involved with the Chinese community based here. We are one of the longest established minority communities in Perth and Kinross and the purpose of the Minority Communities Hub is to help integrate ethnic minority people coming here by supporting them to access services and improving language skills.”

"Perth has a proud record of welcoming people from across the world to live and work here. We in PKAVS work to make sure this tradition continues, making sure Perth truly is the Place for people of all nationalities.”

Read more about Andy's success here


Due to his work in PKAVS and in the Perthshire Chinese Community Association, Andy has become a champion of social cohesion, a leader of the celebration of multiculturalism in Perth, and a supporter of increasing the offering of multicultural events around Perth’s calendar year.