PKAVS Service Suspensions

18th March 2020


As of Thursday 19th March at 4pm, all PKAVS services that involve their clients physically coming together to access support will be suspended for the foreseeable future. This decision has been made to protect all PKAVS clients, staff members, and volunteers following current government advice for the outbreak of Coronavirus COVID-19.

Closures will begin Wednesday 18th March with the closure of Shopmobility, Day-care services at PKAVS Carers Centre at Lewis Place, and PKAVS Charity Shop, with all other face-to-face services closing by 4pm, Thursday 19th March.

Paul Graham, Chief Executive of PKAVS, has stated:

“During this time of uncertainty, it is crucial that we continue to support our clients as much as possible, through alternative methods which protect the health of our staff, volunteers, and their families. The decision to close some of our services was difficult but, fundamentally, it is what we need to do to protect those most at risk of infection during this outbreak.”

The decision has been made to suspend face-to-face support across PKAVS services until it is advisable that these should re-commence. PKAVS work with many members of the public and will be adjusting the delivery of their services using alternative methods to ensure they are able to provide support to clients. This may include deliveries to more vulnerable clients, telephone support to combat social isolation, advice lines, and other ways they are able to provide support at this time.

You can still get in touch by calling on 01738 567076 where the PKAVS team will do their best to support you.


Some PKAVS face-to-face services are being suspended in accordance with latest government advise regarding the outbreak of Coronavirus COVID-19.